About Veno Scorp UK

Veno Scorp UK, the leading gaming PC provider in the UK. With the support of leading systems from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, ASUS ,and other technology brands. Our custom gaming PCs are exclusively manufactured in-house by our expert engineers' team, providing an unparalleled gaming experience for all types of computers gamers. Whether you are looking for a simplified model with an excellent CPU, or a large gaming PC with chassis upgrades, coolant, halo fans, etc., we provide gamers with a wide range of advanced components and accessories that can customize their models. Please read more about our outstanding service levels below, or get in touch with one of our computer experts directly to discuss your dream build.

Who is Veno Scorp?

Veno Scorp UK was originally established in the United Kingdom and is one of the leading brands in the highly competitive UK computer market. With extensive global support from leading technology brands such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, ASUS and Microsoft, we aim to provide the latest hardware that meets your needs at wholesale prices and introduce the famous Veno Scorp to the UK.With foresight, commitment, and determination, we can create a variety of customized PC systems to meet any individual or company's needs. While working hard to make this our profession and our dedication, our PC system has also received the highest attention

What do Veno Scorp offer?

Each customized PC customized with us comes standard with a warranty and is accompanied by a national technical support hotline. Our customer service team is recognized as the best in the industry and will provide assistance with your system consultation. Our sales team has been trained to fully consider customers' needs and be 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our PC system. The sales team will ensure that you do not pay for any parts that may not be used in the PC system and will reassure you that you are paying the best price for the price you want. Our technical support staff has undergone rigorous training to detect and diagnose whether your problem is related to hardware or software in the shortest possible time and provide various options to restore normal operation and reduce downtime quickly. These PC systems we provide cannot be purchased from stores, so they can be considered unique and have amazing effects that can impress your friends and family. We are proud of the fact that you have created the PC of your dreams using industry-standard components from well-respected brands and hope you will enjoy it for many years to come. We also provide other services such as streaming, customize (build your dream PC) virtual gaming and much more.

Why Choose us?

Every PC we sell has an accompanying feedback questionnaire for customers to share their views and experiences when buying from us. Please feel free to read some of them here. We hope that these contents can explain the content of our services. Customer feedback and comments are very important to us, and we believe it is important to share these experiences with everyone. Many of our feedback recommendations come from repeat customers who are happy to recommend us, and we hope you can be one of them too!